My Mum and Dad

My Mum and Dad
Charladies Ball abt 1956/57

Wednesday, 5 February 2014


Here is some photos of my brothers

Brother John age 2-3 (1954/5)   
Brother Patrick age abt 7 (1954)
Patrick, sil Chris & Me July 2013 
Patrick & Me July 2013 
Patrick & Me January 2014 
 These are photos taken at a BBQ in July 2013 seeing Patrick for the first time in 30 years the one in January 2014 is me at his wife Christine's 60th Birthday party i think this one is a lovely one of us

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

A Little Late

I am a little late with this but was having trouble with my blogs & have now changed to Google Chrome which allows me to sign in to my blogs.

Anyway this is for my Dad Robert Alfred Smith who would have been a 100 on 28th January he passed away in 1988 so while he never reached the 100 I can still post this for him
Dad in the Army

Dad & Mum Christmas 1976

Sunday, 28 August 2011

In Loving Memory of Charles Alfred McCarthy

Charles Alfred McCarthy passed away on 4th August 2011
A Beloved Uncle who was a true Gentleman he was 2nd youngest son of Julia & John McCarthy nee Barnes born 12th August 1927
Here are some photos of him May he Rest in Peace
Uncle Charlie
Uncle Charlie & Me
Greg (DH) Me & Pam St Clement (actress from Eastenders) & Uncle Charlie

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Remembering My Brother Bob

Today would have been my brother Bob's 72nd birthday it hard to think of him as old as that as he died in a car crash age 28
I remember at his wedding I was drinking Pineapple juice & his wife said about going on to grapefruit juice which i didn't like much he said to the people serving if i want Pineapple i to have it i was only 8 at the time he was my big brother & i was so proud of him i still miss him to this day
Bob age abt 16
Aldershot 1962 training for the Para
1963 Bahrain

Friday, 6 May 2011

Happy 100th Birthday Mum

Today I am dedicating this post to my mum
as today would have been her 100th birthday she sadly passed away in October 2008 so below is some photos of her
Happy Birthday Mum
My Mum & Dad about 1956
Mum & Dad with my eldest 2 children Christmas 1976
Me & Mum in Scotland about mid 1990s
Mum in our garden
Mum taken in July 2004

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

In Memory of My Mum

It been 2 years today since my mum passed away at the age of 97, as she would say he had a good innings not quite how I say it in fact it was a shame she didn't make it to her 100th birthday which will be next May
Here is photos of her
Mum in my Garden abt 2000

Mum July 2004
Mum & Me in Scotland abt 1996

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

A bit of a Mystery

I have a bit of a mystery to solve, I have the 1911 census which is for George Henry & Eliza Emma Storey nee Chidgey.
On it they have got 2 sons George James age 1 (I know he was born Sept. 1909) & another George 2 days old.
Now the mystery is I know George James lives as he was my uncle George who was married to Doris Victoria Smith aunt dolly she was my dad's sister.
The Storey family also has a connections to my Dad's mum as George Henry was brother to Eliza 1st husband Arthur & also brother to John William Storey who was my Dad grandfather.
Anyway why is the 2 day old George called the same name as his older brother who is alive, I have checked & there two births one is for an Arthur but registered in Pancras & the other Joseph J registered in Hackney & as they was living in Bethnal Green this seems the most likely.
I can't say that I ever heard that my uncle George had a brother there is a death in Sept quarter of 1911 for a Joseph J Storey so I think this could be the one but to be sure would need to get the birth certificate unless anyone can shed any light on the matter

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Is Crafts Dying Out

I haven't been doing too much research of late, but have started to think about crafts
I knit & doing quilting my mum was a great knitter & knitted in to her 90s
I am at present working on some hand knitted socks which i been lucky enough to get as a paying order this started me thinking about how our ancestors would make things for themselves or to sell
Does anyone have items that has been made by a ancestor such as a quilt or even some cross-stitch or embroidery
I wonder if any of my work will be kept & my Gt Gt Grandchildren will be talking about it or will it be like a lot of things these days just throw away
I wonder how many do actual do or want hand-made gifts I know that some people don't like or appreciate things made by hand me I am one who does as even things which are not to my taste I can appreciate the time & effort that gone in to an item.
My children & grandchildren don't wear my hand-knitted items & not many even want a quilt or something else so I don't do as much for family as my mum use to with her knitting, I guess most people prefer to go & buy their items from shops.
So would you prefer an item hand-made & do you think it becoming a lost art compared to when most people did it out of necessity
You can see my hand-made item on my craft blog click   here   to go to it

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Family Medical History

Doing family research you learn a lot about your family.
I have Glaucoma & take drops morning & night, & at present have to have a field vision test for the DVLA (Driving License people) to see if I can still drive.
Now this is something that the family which includes siblings as well as my children should be aware of as it runs in families.
Also while my mum got Diabetes late in life she was turn 90 I have a brother who has it, doing the family research I learnt that a Great Grandfather on my mother's side had it as it was one of the things that is on his death certificate so while this is not running wild it something to be aware of.
Same with other medical conditions be it sight, hearing, heart or something else at least you would be able to give a more complete medical history & some conditions you need to be checked for after a certain age so you should discuss with your family the medical history you have or learn that the family has also it may save your life.
To finish off I thought I would share a photo of my 3 children when they were children, these same children now have children of their own some even older than them Karl was about 6, Donna about 4 & Stuart about 3 if that

Karl Left, Donna Back & Stuart Right

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Thank You Annoymous

Thank you for the photos, which I received today plus the CD
a couple of them won't open on Photoshop but will open in something else just don't know how to manage to save to computer in a format that will open will ask son Karl when he here.
Plus a lot of the photos stuck together I have manage to unstick the most important ones so am happy about that & i can print off the other ones.
The ones of my Brother Bob I am over the moon about those plus I don't know if I seen the one of my brother Patrick so that nice to see him young i can see the likeness between him & brother John when they were young.
Thank you once again it appreciated & I do wish you would get in contact you can e-mail me via here if you don't have my e-mail addy giving me yours if I don't have it or say for sure who you are I think I may know but not a 100%

Brother Bob (middle) In Training Maida Brarracks Aldershot

Brother Bob in Bahrain 1963

Brother Patrick age abt 7

Monday, 26 July 2010

Thank You for Futher Info

I like to thank the person who has left info, one correcting me that I had put left originally instead of right that was a mistake on my left & right not on the people which has now been corrected.
Also for pointing out which one was my Nanny Smith, not sure if my Nanny McCarthy was there I don't have any photos of her.
I think the lady looking over my brother Bob's shoulder is my aunty Dot she was the wife of my uncle John (mum's brother)
I knew I wasn't at the wedding & my brother Patrick was looking after me so he got the raw end of the deal looking after me & as been said Groom's brother Robert who was just over the year & me nearly 18 months.
I don't know if this person who has help with the info has access to more of my family photos if so would love copies.
Also if they wish to change from annoymous I would then be able to reply to them as I would like to be in touch.

Sunday, 25 July 2010

More Family Photos

Here is some more photos I got of my family, the wedding one is of my sister Joyce's wedding it has my brother Bob (Robert) on the 2nd right, brother Ron (Ronald) back right by arch, Bridesmaid in front of bride is my sister Julia & the page boy next to other bridesmaid is my brother John, i can't put names to anymore of the faces from my side I know a few of the grooms side but that it
The next photo is of my brother John the pageboy how cute was he.
3rd photo is of my sister Julia shows what 10 years on from 1st can do lol the 4th is 30 years on from when she was a bridesmaid & the last one was with her late husband Robbie a great guy
Joyce's Wedding Christmas Day 1955

John abt 2-3 possible a little older
Julia abt 1965

Julia in Boston 1987

Julia & her husband Robbie as she put on the back of photo a couple of Beach Bums

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Family Photos

I have been going through some old photos which make me realise that we weren't a family to take photos but these are ones that I want to share
The 1st is when my sister took me for my 11th birthday I had a great day Thanks Julia
2nd photo is my 2 sisters together they have always been close & the last is my sister Joyce don't know when this was taken but would have thought in the 50s possible early 60s
This is when my Sister Julia took me to Whipsnade Zoo for my 11th Birthday as she put on the photo Feeding Time at the Zoo
My 2 sisters Joyce on the wall & Julia standing taken June 1965 (well that what on the back of photo)

My Sister Joyce not sure when this was taken

Friday, 23 July 2010

Why do you do or are Interested in Genealogy

Why & what can we learn from doing our family tree, well if you are an only child, the youngest or don’t have contact with family then how do you know your family history.

By researching your family tree it can also help you, as you know when you go for a medical or something they ask if there any history of certain things well I have found that by researching that there has been certain medical conditions which has been on a death certificate which I don’t think anyone knew.

Also it can help knowing I mean if say one line of the family all died young of heart related deaths you know it would be in your genes, same with other medical conditions as I feel that it is important that all family members know if there is things that run in families.

Also by doing family history you can not only know the people you are descended from but where they came from, one example is that I believed that my grandfather was Irish there was some conflict as to where with my mum & my aunt both saying different places but a uncle said he was born in London after many years researching & getting nowhere I seem to have hit brick walls even his army records had been destroyed in WW2 so while I have some of his army details I didn’t have place or date of birth.

Then a couple of years ago the 1911 census was open up if you had an address (it now available via pay per view or subscription) & I duly paid the costly price of £45 (well had it as a present) & I got the census for my grandparents.

This showed how long they been married, how many children been born alive in the marriage plus how many had died & of course where each of them were born.

While it didn’t give me a full account of where my granddad was born with the info I had from this plus my mum had given me a month & day of his birthday age I could work from the census & I also knew his father’s name I got his birth certificate & from that I could work back a few more generations

This shows the importance of checking things for yourself, plus how all data can be of use not just birth, marriage & death certificates but the census as well (as long as they are on them)

I wonder how many of us if we had the chance to go back in time to talk to one of our relatives who would we choose, while most would say people that we love & miss I would also say I love to meet some of the ones that had long past before I was born to ask them questions, the same with family members who are alive & have lost contact with it is connecting with these family members who have shaped yours or your parent’s lives so they help you to become the person you are today for good, bad or just indifferent, if you have the chance to either find or be in contact with family members how every the relationship is do so as you or they may miss the chance while one is alive & then regret it when someone has passed plus we not learnt how to time travel back to be able to speak to passed relatives be it cousins or closer family members
So why do you do or are interested in Genealogy, apart from learning my own family tree I also love history so that is why I do it.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

New Info

I have done a bit of research & the place that I believe that the Charladies Ball was held was   Beale's    if you click on the name you can read a history of them
If the person who left the Info could contact me as they done it so I can not reply to their message.
If you like read previous post

About the Photo

I Would like to thank the person who has left some Info on the photo of my Mum & Dad.
I was going by what my mum had said before she died, also that I been told that the dress was bought for my mum for her 40th birthday being the youngest I don't remember this photo or the original one which actually has my parents with friends.
My Son some years ago did this for my mum after my dad died,  so it seems that the photo was taken 1956/7 this is the new info I have been given.
Char ladies ball was taken at the venue at Briallies Holloway Road London, it was about 1956/57 when they lived in Derwent House Howard Road London N16 they took two friends with them who use to drink in the Coach and Horse in Mathiase Road London N16.Not in 1951 as they still lived in Ormbsy Court in 1951.
I will correct one thing it not Ormbsy Court but Ormbsy Place this I know is correct as I have checked it as it on my birth certificate.
If this person or anyone else has any photos of my parents or family I would love to have copies, as my mum did have photos but they were lost I am not sure if they were throw out by mistake or someone in the family has them I know I don't
I have none other than this one of my mum in her younger years & only this one & the army one of my dad, of me I have one when i was about a year or so in a pram & then nothing much not sure if the family were all camera shy lol
Thank you again to who ever posted the comment I would like to confirm that the friends were I believe Sadie & not sure of his name possible Bill Any info is very much appreciate as I am trying to find out more on my family not just my parents

Monday, 19 July 2010

Why Get a Death Certificate

Some people wonder why should they get a death certificate for a ancestor especially if they got the quarter & year they died, well here is what I have found by getting them.
First my grandparent on the 1911 census it showed that they had 3 children 2 had died & one was still alive (my mum born in May of that year) so I did a search & found twins & had got the birth certificates & a search also gave me their deaths, which sadly both died after a few hours, the informant was a Alice Dartnell, who it turns out to be my grandmother's sister Alice so now I know her married name & could find her marriage the sad part on all of this was that that within a month or so of my Grandmother's 2 boys dying Alice gave birth & her son also died.
On another certificate which is for Doris Gertrude Barnes nee Gillings she was the 2nd wife of Jessie Frederick Barnes.
She died in 1978 & it gives the informant as son Peter & maiden name as Fisk well first her mother's maiden name was Fiske so why that mistake has happen I did get the GRO to check & it was correct the other thing was Jessie & Doris didn't have any children, but from someone who in contact with the Doris's side of the family has said  that she adopted 3 children, sadly i don't know much more than that as but the death certificate shows that a son was the informant.
I have on other death certificates found out about family members, I do find that this happens more when the spouse of the person has already passed as normally the spouse is the one who registers the death.

Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Looking for Ancestors Overseas

Computers love them or hate them well depends on if it going your way, I have had to get a new computer so not only going through who I lost between last backup & what I done
I had been finding some of the ancestors while not direct line they be siblings of my so many times grandparents ect.
Well I been told of a site   Family Search   but they have a new way of searching so off I go via internet to search for people in the UK while there I browsed their catalogue & went to the Asian records for DH & I had much more success there for him than I had for me as not only did I find more out father's name was given more often than not on there so did well.
I am still trying to get to grips with the computer & the different ways of doing things but at least I am having luck with the family tree so may be if you get stuck give the site a try

Friday, 25 June 2010

Importance of Backing Up

Why should we back up our research well my computer packed up on Tuesday & I have had to get a new one.
With this happening I was about a week out of date from backing up & with the offer that been on when England play to be able to look at the  1911 census & other records I had saved them to computer plus added people I found but guess what I had not backed up to my memory stick.
Plus while I have 2 Genealogy programs Family Tree Maker 2008 & Generations I prefered Generations but this program is really for windows 98 I did manage to get it to work on XP but this new computer is Windows 7 & no way will it work so while what I had backed up on there & to stick I hadn't to FT so I am out of date.
Which means I have to not only add people I had already done I have to remember who they were plus get the census & other info on them
So the moral is to back up & often so that you not only don't lose your work but you don't have to do it twice
I guess the good side is I am having to learn how to use FT which I hadn't before

Monday, 21 June 2010

1911 Census

While the World Cup Football has been on I been taking advantage of a offer to see records when England are playing their games.
Well I was looking for Charles Pettitt (aka Poulter) & I found him with his brother Robert now this find has been great as it given me his family which I didn't know about as not found him before so that was good.
I also received a marriage certificate I had ordered for Jesse Barnes as on his marriage in 1936 I found out he was a widow so got his first marriage certificate he married a Alice Bloomfield in 1923 Cambridge.
I also been getting bits on other members of my side of the family using the 1911 census mostly siblings of my direct line but it certainly been interesting.
How I gone about it is by making a list of ones I want to try to find that way I not wasted time thinking of who it was I wanted to look for as the free offer is only for 90 minutes & believe me that soon goes.
As Yesterday was Father's day I am putting a photo of my Dad on it was taken during WW2 he passed away 22 years ago on the 27th June so this is to say your not forgotten plus I do think this is a really nice photo of him.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Is a Blog Worth It?

The title may seem a bit strange but the question Is a Blog Worth it or should it worth doing it as who reads it; where will it lead.
Well in my last post I said about Harry Game husband to Ada Rebecca Barnes & posted about where he worked.
From this I had contact from a lady Toni who has given me permission to share a photo which is of Harry's brother Charles Robert Game who married Agnes Ayre on 16th November 1895 Thurston Church Suffolk, Harry was a witness at the wedding & below is the happy couple.
Now while the Game family are not really connected, I do enjoy going off on these branches of families that a member of my ancestors have married in to & who knows somewhere there may be someone famous or gone down in history for doing something either very good (that what we all hope for) or bad.
So in answer to my question yes a/this blog is worth it as I now know just that bit more about the Game family with a photo, I know that my side don't really have photos not even many of me growing up so it nice to know that there are some who took & kept photos.

Monday, 14 June 2010

Thurston Grange & Ada & Harry Game

While England was playing their football/soccer match in the World Cup on Saturday there was a offer on to free access to records at   FindMyPast    so of course I took advantage of it well so did a lot of people as the site was very slow am hoping that when England play in their next 2 matches it won't be so bad as the offer is on for all England games
Anyway I found James & Harriet Barnes nee Turner daughter Ada Rebecca Game nee Barnes with her husband Harry.
Harry is down on the 1911 census as a Groom & they lived at Thurston Grange Bury St Edmunds Suffolk.
Well did a bit of searching & the place is now a hotel below is a photo of how it looks now but if you go to   Thurston Grange   this link will take you to the history of the grange & if you click on home when there you see the plush place it is now now if I save up may be I will one day go there for a meal & be where my Gt Grand Aunt & her husband worked & lived, Harry in later life was in the Woodbridge (Mental Hospital) where he died 1924 age 59 Ada went on to live 1936 age 70 They are buried in Holy Innocent Church at Gt Barton Suffolk & a photo of their grave is below.

Friday, 11 June 2010

Pettitt/Poulter What is in a Name

When I first started to look for my mum's grandmother I course got my Nan's birth certificate which gave her name as formally Murkin so I got the marriage certificate of my Gt Grandparents James & Hannah & it showed that Hannah was a widow & her father was John Poulter.
I spent at least the next year trying to find a birth for a Hannah Poulter around 1857 which of course I never did.
On looking census I found the family so again started to look for a Marriage of a John Poulter to a Julia, by going back I found the answers so if i explain from the earlier time you may understand the name more.

Susan Pettit had a son John 1797 Kirtling Cambridge, she then married Jan 1802 a Samuel Poulter & they had a son James 1802 Bapt Oct 1802 all in Kirtling.
John married a Elizabeth Fisher 1819 & they had 5 children the eldest John Pettit born 1821 Kirtling This John (Jr) I found married Julia Jane Stigwood, & for quite a while I thought that John had either died or she left him & took up with a John Poulter.
But this John & Julia went by the name Pettitt (various spellings used could just be the way they said it or how they thought it was spelt) this is confirmed on census that they are Pettitt on census 1851 & 1861 & on the 1851 & 61 he a coal Carter, but on the 1871 census he now John Poulter Butcher
Once I had the info that Poulter was Pettitt I looked for a birth for a Hannah Pettitt & found it.
Some of their sons actually used the Pettitt name as a middle name so they were Pettitt Poulter & their son Samuel on his marriage put Samuel Pettitt Poulter & his father John is John Pettitt Poulter & no way do you use a previous husband name as your middle name that for sure lol
I have a theory which while I can not prove it seems the most likely & that Samuel Poulter was the father of John Sr & may be he was already married anyway Samuel & Susan married later & it was a condition of John Jr taking over his butchery business that he used the name Poulter or that it was know as that so he used it
It funny that another child of John & Julia went under the name Poulter but had the marriage & his daughter's certificate altered to note the change in name yet his wife had been dead a good 30 years so we come to the title of this post What is in a Name, Below is more details of John & Julia's children & then Hannah & her husband James Barnes

Name: John Pettit
Birth: 1821 Kirtling, Cambridgeshire
Baptism: 21 Apr 1821 Kirtling, Cambridgeshire
Death: 11 May 1889 Addenbrookes Hospital
Father: John Pettit (1797-)
Mother: Elizabeth Fisher (~1800-)
1: Julia Jane Stigwood
Birth: abt Oct 1825 Wood Ditton, Cambridgeshire
Death: 4 Feb 1903 Upend Kirtling Cambridgeshire
Father: James Stigwood (~1783-)
Mother: Mary Ann Brett (~1781-)
Marriage: 31 Oct 1844 Wood Ditton Cambridgeshire
Children: James (~1845-)
Susannah (~1847-)
Elizabeth (~1849-)
William (1851-1851)
Male (1851-1851)
William Walter (~1852-)
Thomas (~1854-)
Hannah (1857-1928)
Frederick (1859-)
Robert (~1863-
Charles (User-Defined 1) (~1865-1938
Samuel (~1867-)
Harry (~1870-)
Notes for John Pettit
John Sign the register as John Pettetit confirmed by a note with certificate.
John is know as either John Pettit or John Poulter from about 1871 Known as John Poulter
on son Samuel's marriage 1899 gives as John Pettit Poulter

Name: James Barnes
Birth: 16 Nov 1859 Bradfield St George, Suffolk
Baptism: 1 Apr 1860 Bradfield St George, Suffolk
Death: 17 Apr 1928 46 Marsden Street St Pancras Lnd
Occupation: Horsekeeper/Cab Driver/Cab Proprietor Horsekeeper
Father: James Barnes (1836-1902)
Mother: Harriet Turner (1834-1922)
Marriage: 10 Aug 1884 Parish St George, Bloomsbury, Middlesex
Spouse: Hannah Pettit
Birth: 2 May 1857 Upend Cheveley, Cambridgeshire

Baptism: 26 Jun 1870 Kirtling, Cambridge

Death: 24 Feb 1928 4 Kings Road Pancras London

Father: John Pettit (1821-1889)

Mother: Julia Jane Stigwood (~1825-1903)

Other Spouses: Henry Merkin
1 F: Elizabeth Murkin (Step)
Birth: 2 Qrt 1879 Dalham, Suffolk

Occupation: Housemaid


2 F: Annie Barnes

Birth: abt 1885 London, England


3 F: Alice Barnes

Birth: abt 1888 London, England

Death: 15 Jul 1939 2 Grove Rd Richmond Surrey

Spouse: Samuel John Dartnall

Marriage: 8 Feb 1909 The Register Office Pancras London


4 F: Ada Barnes

Birth: abt 1888 London, England

Spouse: Charles J Mackin

Marriage: 6 Dec 1910 Register Office St Pancras London


5 F: Julia Barnes

Birth: 1 Jun 1890 33 South Crescent Mews St Pancras London

Death: 12 Jan 1963 5 Gedeney Rd. Tottenham, London

Burial: 19 Jan 1963 Public Grave 7559 Tottenham London

Spouse: John McCarthy

Marriage: 23 Aug 1908 Holy Trinity Church, Grays Inn Rd London


6 M: James Barnes

Birth: abt 1893


7 M: John Barnes

Birth: 5 Apr 1896 28a South Crescent Mews Pancras London

Census Notes for James Barnes

1881: 6 Mayne Water Lane, Bury St Edmunds St Mary, Suffolk

Census Notes for Hannah Pettit

on 1901 census with family but Emma is the name on census living at 28a South Crescent Mews St Pancras London

Misc. Notes

Also used the surname of Poulter

Lived at 46 Marsden Street St Pancras

Notes for James & Hannah (Family)

Both give their residence as 10 Kenton Street

Witnesses Harry Sale & Alice Sale

Census Notes for Elizabeth (Child 1)

on 1901 census she is a Housemaid working for the Rt Hon WFD Smith & Lady E Smith she is under the names Barnes

Misc. Notes

On the 1891 census it gives Elizabeth as daughter of head, James Barnes their address is the same as where Julia was born. Known As a BARNES

Notes for Alice (Child 3)

Alice died at 2 Grove Rd Richmond Surrey, Informant SJ Dartnal Widower of deceased, living at 2 Gothic Cottages Castelnau Barnes, Alice died of

A)Chronice Interstitial B) Nephritis

Notes for Samuel John & Alice (Family)Samuel Was a bachelor & occup. Horsekeeper

Both were living at 49 Harrison Street

Witnesses were J McCarthy & May Mooney

Census Notes for Ada (Child 4)

1911 was living at 49 HARRISON STREET LONDON W C Husband not down on census

Notes for Charles J & Ada (Family)

both were residence at 49 Harrison St Pancras, Maud Wheeler & James Barnes were witnesses

Notes for John & Julia (Family)

John is a bachelor age 24 working as a packer living at 8 Chapel St

Julia is a spinster age 20 living at 49 Harrison St

Signed in the presence of Jane West Turner & Annie Barnes

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Barnes Family of Suffolk

The Barnes family is on my Mother's side her mother was Julia Barnes who was the daughter of James & Hannah Barnes & James is the son of James & Harriet Barnes nee Turner
Hannah Barnes was a Pettitt but known as Poulter (will go in to this family next time)
Name: James Barnes

Birth: 2 May 1836 Market Weston, Suffolk

Baptism: 4 May 1836 Market Weston Suffolk

Death: 29 Jan 1902 Great Barton Suffolk

Burial: cent Church Great Barton Suffolk

Occupation: Shoemaker (1859) Gamekeeper 1861onwards

Father: James Barnes (~1808-1890)

Mother: Ann Kervill (~1809-1895)

Marriage: 23 May 1859 St James Church Bury St Edmunds Sfk


Spouse: Harriet Turner


Birth: 6 Jul 1834 Denham, Suffolk

Baptism: 7 Sep 1834 Denham, Suffolk

Death: 19 Oct 1922 Great Barton Suffolk

Burial: Holy Innocent Church Great Barton Suffolk

Father: William Turner (~1807-1860)

Mother: Maria Macro (1809-1875)



1 M: James Barnes

Birth: 16 Nov 1859 Bradfield St George, Suffolk

Baptism: 1 Apr 1860 Bradfield St George, Suffolk

Death: 17 Apr 1928 46 Marsden Street St Pancras Lnd

Occupation: Horsekeeper/Cab Driver/Cab Proprietor Horsekeeper

Spouse: Hannah Pettit

Marriage: 10 Aug 1884 Parish St George, Bloomsbury, Middlesex


2 M: William Barnes

Birth: 1 Qrt 1861 Nowton Suffolk

Occupation: Traveller Leather Trade

Spouse: Eliza Pollintine

Marriage: 30 Dec 1884 Parish Church Great Barton Suffolk

3 F: Ada Rebecca Barnes
Birth: Jun Qrt 1866 Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk

Death: 17 Aug 1936 Bury St Edmunds Suffolk

Burial: 1936 Holy Inocent Great Barton Suffolk

Spouse: Harry Game

Marriage: 24 Oct 1896 Parish Church Great Barton Suffolk


4 M: Charles Barnes

Birth: abt 1868 Horringer, Suffolk

Death: 4 qrt 1959 Harrow Middlesex

Occupation: Warehouse Man

Spouse: Emma Crabb

Marriage: 24 Dec 1897 Parish Church Marylebone Lnd


5 M: Henry John Barnes

Birth: abt 1870 Horringer, Suffolk


6 F: Mary Barnes

Birth: abt 1873 Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk

Baptism: 31 Oct 1875 Holy Inocent Great Barton Suffolk


7 M: Jesse Frederick Barnes

Birth: Oct 1875 Barton, Suffolk

Baptism: 31 Oct 1875 Holy Inocent Great Barton Suffolk

Death: 10 Jan 1961 Brooklyn Cottage Great Barton

Burial: Holy Innocent Great Barton Suffolk

Occupation: Roadman

Spouse: Doris Gertrude Gillings

Marriage: 31 Oct 1936 The Parish Church Gt Barton Suffolk


8 F: Amelia Ann Barnes

Birth: Dec Qrt 1877 Barton, Suffolk

Spouse: William John Henry Deacon

Marriage: 16 Apr 1910 Parish Church Great Barton Suffolk
Notes for James Barnes

From Frank Holmes: James, a retired gamekeeper, was charged on the 26th October, 1898 with setting snares at Barton Mere( just along the road from Brooklyn Cottages,). He was fined 10/- with 6/6d costs or 7 days ! He paid up !
Census Notes for Harriet Turner

1911: Brocklyn Cottages Great Barton Near Bury St Eds - 4 rooms

BARNES, Harriet Head Widow F 76 1835 Old Age Pensioner Denham Suffolk

was married 52 years - had 10 children - 8 living

RG14PN10633 RG78PN571 RD207 SD3 ED9 SN8
Misc. Notes

JF Barnes Son, of Great Barton was the informant of Harriet's death he was present at death
Notes for James & Harriet (Family)

On Marriage both give St Edmunds Hill as residence

Witnesses Robert Hunt & Sarah Turner
Census Notes for James (Child 1)

1881: 6 Mayne Water Lane, Bury St Edmunds St Mary, Suffolk
Notes for James & Hannah (Family)

Both give their residence as 10 Kenton Street

Witnesses Harry Sale & Alice Sale
Census Notes for William (Child 2)

1881 Census:Traveller Leather Trade census RG11 0242/ 4/ 1

1 & 2 Wellington Street Lnd Middx

1891 Census: RG12/94 Folio 67 Page 42

1901 Census RG13/111 Folio 94 Page 29
Misc. Notes

Nowton in Reg district Thingo Sfk
Traveller Leather Trade as given on 1881 census RG11 0242/ 4/ 1

1 & 2 Wellington Street Lnd Middx
Notes for William & Eliza (Family)

William gives residence St Pancras London & Eliza Great Barton

Witnesses Walter Pollintine & Emma Pollintine
Census Notes for Ada Rebecca (Child 3)

1891 census, Cook at 39 Queen Anne St Cavendish Sq Marylebone Lnd

1901 census, wife at Meadow Lane Thurston Sfk
Misc. Notes

Spelling of middle name can be Rebeccah
Notes for Harry & Ada Rebecca (Family)

24 October 1896 by Banns Parish Church Gt Barton

Ada Rebecca BARNES age 30 Spinster Resident Gt Barton Father James BARNES Labourer


Harry GAME Age 34 Bachelor Labourer Residence Thurston Father Thomas GAME Labourer

Witnesses James PARNELL & A. GAME

Notes for Charles & Emma (Family)

Charles was at 10 Balcombe St & Emma 102 Gloucester Pl

Witnesses were E Murkin & J Barnes
Notes for Henry John (Child 5)

On the 1871 census it gives a year old child as Harry on later census it gives Henry
Census Notes for Jesse Frederick (Child 7)

1881 at home with parents

1891 at home with parents


1911 with Mary Johnson (Aunt)

at Hockwold near Brandon and was aged 35.
Misc. Notes

Birth reg in Dec Qrt 1875 Thingo 4A 504

Jesse was the informant on his mother's death in 1922 he down as living in Great Barton

DG Barnes widow was present & the Informant of death

Occupation Retired Roadman

He is buried with his parents at Holy Innocent Church
Notes for Jesse Frederick & Doris Gertrude (Family)

On Marriage Certificate it gives Jesse as a 61 widower & Doris 42 Spinster
Cause of death 1a Congestive heart failure, Auricular Fibrillation, Arteriosclerosos


Enlisted on 5 February 1906 at Bury St. Edmunds for
5 year 'Active Service' and 7 years in the Reserves

height (5 ft 4 ins) and his Chest Measurement (38 ins); Hair: Brown; Eyes: Brown; Complection:Fresh; and the 'Wounds, Scars, Marks, etc.: a Mole on his left forearm

Royal Naval Barracks in Devonport VIVID II 5 Feb 1906 until 17 July 1906 as a Stoker 2nd Class

He is then drafted to H.M.S. "PELORUS" (a 3rd Class Cruiser, which was probably quite old as she was sold in 1920 soon after WW1 ended !) He was promoted to 'Stoker 1st Class' on 1 May 1907, but stayed on the same ship until he went into R.N.B., Devonport again on 24 April 1909. On 7 Sept 1909 he was drafted to H.M.S. "CUMBERLAND" - this was an Armoured Cruiser' which was sold off in 1923. He stays on her until 14 Jan 1911 when he goes back to Barracks to prepare for his transfer to the Reserves as his time of 5 years was nearly up. His last day of 'Active Service' is 4 Feb 1911 is 'Discharged to Shore' on 5 Feb 1911. This is the meaning of
"Transferred to R.F.R. Devonport, B 3603, 5 Feb 1911" - the 2nd "R" has NOT shown up very well as the nib seems to have run dry - but R.F.R. = "Royal Fleet Reserve".
He has only been out on Reserve for 3. 5 years when he is recalled to 'Active Service' on 6 August 1914 - i.e. 2 days after WW1 broke out ! He goes back into Barracks that day and a month later is drafted to H.M.S. "AURORA" - a Light Cruiser, which was eventually sold off in 1927. He stayed on her until 4 Dec 1917 and the next day joins H.M.S. "CURLEW" - also a Light Cruiser, but I suspect a more modern ship as she lasted until 1940 when she was sunk off Norway.

He stays on her until 19 June 1919 when he was "demobbed" (demobilised) - I think back to the Royal Fleet Reserve

May 1916.Stoker Jesse Barnes of H.M.S.Aurora was home on leave with his mother at Brooklyn Cottages.

May 1917. Jesse Barnes was again on leave with his mother. He has spent years at sea.November 1917 Again Jesse was home on leave.
HMS Aurora
Built Devonport Dockyard, laid down October 1912, completed September 1914.
Aurora Leader 1st Destroyer Flotilla Grand Fleet.
1915 Leader 10th Destroyer flotilla Harwich Force.
June 1915 5th Light Cruiser Squadron Harwich Force.
August 1915 Took part in sinking of German raider Meteor.
1918 7th Light Cruiser Squadron Grand Fleet.
1927 Sold for scrap.

Census Notes for Amelia Ann (Child 8)

1901 Census Amelia was a laundry maid in the household of the Bishop of Lichfield Augustus Legge