My Mum and Dad

My Mum and Dad
Charladies Ball abt 1956/57

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

About the Photo

I Would like to thank the person who has left some Info on the photo of my Mum & Dad.
I was going by what my mum had said before she died, also that I been told that the dress was bought for my mum for her 40th birthday being the youngest I don't remember this photo or the original one which actually has my parents with friends.
My Son some years ago did this for my mum after my dad died,  so it seems that the photo was taken 1956/7 this is the new info I have been given.
Char ladies ball was taken at the venue at Briallies Holloway Road London, it was about 1956/57 when they lived in Derwent House Howard Road London N16 they took two friends with them who use to drink in the Coach and Horse in Mathiase Road London N16.Not in 1951 as they still lived in Ormbsy Court in 1951.
I will correct one thing it not Ormbsy Court but Ormbsy Place this I know is correct as I have checked it as it on my birth certificate.
If this person or anyone else has any photos of my parents or family I would love to have copies, as my mum did have photos but they were lost I am not sure if they were throw out by mistake or someone in the family has them I know I don't
I have none other than this one of my mum in her younger years & only this one & the army one of my dad, of me I have one when i was about a year or so in a pram & then nothing much not sure if the family were all camera shy lol
Thank you again to who ever posted the comment I would like to confirm that the friends were I believe Sadie & not sure of his name possible Bill Any info is very much appreciate as I am trying to find out more on my family not just my parents

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Anonymous said...

I can confirm your mothers friends name was Sadie, not sure of her husbands name but he did have a small moustache.The dress your Dad brought for your mother was purchased just for the Ball and it was a blue in colour. Yes it was Ormbsy Place just off of Victoria Road.