My Mum and Dad

My Mum and Dad
Charladies Ball abt 1956/57

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Is Crafts Dying Out

I haven't been doing too much research of late, but have started to think about crafts
I knit & doing quilting my mum was a great knitter & knitted in to her 90s
I am at present working on some hand knitted socks which i been lucky enough to get as a paying order this started me thinking about how our ancestors would make things for themselves or to sell
Does anyone have items that has been made by a ancestor such as a quilt or even some cross-stitch or embroidery
I wonder if any of my work will be kept & my Gt Gt Grandchildren will be talking about it or will it be like a lot of things these days just throw away
I wonder how many do actual do or want hand-made gifts I know that some people don't like or appreciate things made by hand me I am one who does as even things which are not to my taste I can appreciate the time & effort that gone in to an item.
My children & grandchildren don't wear my hand-knitted items & not many even want a quilt or something else so I don't do as much for family as my mum use to with her knitting, I guess most people prefer to go & buy their items from shops.
So would you prefer an item hand-made & do you think it becoming a lost art compared to when most people did it out of necessity
You can see my hand-made item on my craft blog click   here   to go to it

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Family Medical History

Doing family research you learn a lot about your family.
I have Glaucoma & take drops morning & night, & at present have to have a field vision test for the DVLA (Driving License people) to see if I can still drive.
Now this is something that the family which includes siblings as well as my children should be aware of as it runs in families.
Also while my mum got Diabetes late in life she was turn 90 I have a brother who has it, doing the family research I learnt that a Great Grandfather on my mother's side had it as it was one of the things that is on his death certificate so while this is not running wild it something to be aware of.
Same with other medical conditions be it sight, hearing, heart or something else at least you would be able to give a more complete medical history & some conditions you need to be checked for after a certain age so you should discuss with your family the medical history you have or learn that the family has also it may save your life.
To finish off I thought I would share a photo of my 3 children when they were children, these same children now have children of their own some even older than them Karl was about 6, Donna about 4 & Stuart about 3 if that

Karl Left, Donna Back & Stuart Right