My Mum and Dad

My Mum and Dad
Charladies Ball abt 1956/57

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Thank You Annoymous

Thank you for the photos, which I received today plus the CD
a couple of them won't open on Photoshop but will open in something else just don't know how to manage to save to computer in a format that will open will ask son Karl when he here.
Plus a lot of the photos stuck together I have manage to unstick the most important ones so am happy about that & i can print off the other ones.
The ones of my Brother Bob I am over the moon about those plus I don't know if I seen the one of my brother Patrick so that nice to see him young i can see the likeness between him & brother John when they were young.
Thank you once again it appreciated & I do wish you would get in contact you can e-mail me via here if you don't have my e-mail addy giving me yours if I don't have it or say for sure who you are I think I may know but not a 100%

Brother Bob (middle) In Training Maida Brarracks Aldershot

Brother Bob in Bahrain 1963

Brother Patrick age abt 7

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