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My Mum and Dad
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Thursday, 10 June 2010

Barnes Family of Suffolk

The Barnes family is on my Mother's side her mother was Julia Barnes who was the daughter of James & Hannah Barnes & James is the son of James & Harriet Barnes nee Turner
Hannah Barnes was a Pettitt but known as Poulter (will go in to this family next time)
Name: James Barnes

Birth: 2 May 1836 Market Weston, Suffolk

Baptism: 4 May 1836 Market Weston Suffolk

Death: 29 Jan 1902 Great Barton Suffolk

Burial: cent Church Great Barton Suffolk

Occupation: Shoemaker (1859) Gamekeeper 1861onwards

Father: James Barnes (~1808-1890)

Mother: Ann Kervill (~1809-1895)

Marriage: 23 May 1859 St James Church Bury St Edmunds Sfk


Spouse: Harriet Turner


Birth: 6 Jul 1834 Denham, Suffolk

Baptism: 7 Sep 1834 Denham, Suffolk

Death: 19 Oct 1922 Great Barton Suffolk

Burial: Holy Innocent Church Great Barton Suffolk

Father: William Turner (~1807-1860)

Mother: Maria Macro (1809-1875)



1 M: James Barnes

Birth: 16 Nov 1859 Bradfield St George, Suffolk

Baptism: 1 Apr 1860 Bradfield St George, Suffolk

Death: 17 Apr 1928 46 Marsden Street St Pancras Lnd

Occupation: Horsekeeper/Cab Driver/Cab Proprietor Horsekeeper

Spouse: Hannah Pettit

Marriage: 10 Aug 1884 Parish St George, Bloomsbury, Middlesex


2 M: William Barnes

Birth: 1 Qrt 1861 Nowton Suffolk

Occupation: Traveller Leather Trade

Spouse: Eliza Pollintine

Marriage: 30 Dec 1884 Parish Church Great Barton Suffolk

3 F: Ada Rebecca Barnes
Birth: Jun Qrt 1866 Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk

Death: 17 Aug 1936 Bury St Edmunds Suffolk

Burial: 1936 Holy Inocent Great Barton Suffolk

Spouse: Harry Game

Marriage: 24 Oct 1896 Parish Church Great Barton Suffolk


4 M: Charles Barnes

Birth: abt 1868 Horringer, Suffolk

Death: 4 qrt 1959 Harrow Middlesex

Occupation: Warehouse Man

Spouse: Emma Crabb

Marriage: 24 Dec 1897 Parish Church Marylebone Lnd


5 M: Henry John Barnes

Birth: abt 1870 Horringer, Suffolk


6 F: Mary Barnes

Birth: abt 1873 Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk

Baptism: 31 Oct 1875 Holy Inocent Great Barton Suffolk


7 M: Jesse Frederick Barnes

Birth: Oct 1875 Barton, Suffolk

Baptism: 31 Oct 1875 Holy Inocent Great Barton Suffolk

Death: 10 Jan 1961 Brooklyn Cottage Great Barton

Burial: Holy Innocent Great Barton Suffolk

Occupation: Roadman

Spouse: Doris Gertrude Gillings

Marriage: 31 Oct 1936 The Parish Church Gt Barton Suffolk


8 F: Amelia Ann Barnes

Birth: Dec Qrt 1877 Barton, Suffolk

Spouse: William John Henry Deacon

Marriage: 16 Apr 1910 Parish Church Great Barton Suffolk
Notes for James Barnes

From Frank Holmes: James, a retired gamekeeper, was charged on the 26th October, 1898 with setting snares at Barton Mere( just along the road from Brooklyn Cottages,). He was fined 10/- with 6/6d costs or 7 days ! He paid up !
Census Notes for Harriet Turner

1911: Brocklyn Cottages Great Barton Near Bury St Eds - 4 rooms

BARNES, Harriet Head Widow F 76 1835 Old Age Pensioner Denham Suffolk

was married 52 years - had 10 children - 8 living

RG14PN10633 RG78PN571 RD207 SD3 ED9 SN8
Misc. Notes

JF Barnes Son, of Great Barton was the informant of Harriet's death he was present at death
Notes for James & Harriet (Family)

On Marriage both give St Edmunds Hill as residence

Witnesses Robert Hunt & Sarah Turner
Census Notes for James (Child 1)

1881: 6 Mayne Water Lane, Bury St Edmunds St Mary, Suffolk
Notes for James & Hannah (Family)

Both give their residence as 10 Kenton Street

Witnesses Harry Sale & Alice Sale
Census Notes for William (Child 2)

1881 Census:Traveller Leather Trade census RG11 0242/ 4/ 1

1 & 2 Wellington Street Lnd Middx

1891 Census: RG12/94 Folio 67 Page 42

1901 Census RG13/111 Folio 94 Page 29
Misc. Notes

Nowton in Reg district Thingo Sfk
Traveller Leather Trade as given on 1881 census RG11 0242/ 4/ 1

1 & 2 Wellington Street Lnd Middx
Notes for William & Eliza (Family)

William gives residence St Pancras London & Eliza Great Barton

Witnesses Walter Pollintine & Emma Pollintine
Census Notes for Ada Rebecca (Child 3)

1891 census, Cook at 39 Queen Anne St Cavendish Sq Marylebone Lnd

1901 census, wife at Meadow Lane Thurston Sfk
Misc. Notes

Spelling of middle name can be Rebeccah
Notes for Harry & Ada Rebecca (Family)

24 October 1896 by Banns Parish Church Gt Barton

Ada Rebecca BARNES age 30 Spinster Resident Gt Barton Father James BARNES Labourer


Harry GAME Age 34 Bachelor Labourer Residence Thurston Father Thomas GAME Labourer

Witnesses James PARNELL & A. GAME

Notes for Charles & Emma (Family)

Charles was at 10 Balcombe St & Emma 102 Gloucester Pl

Witnesses were E Murkin & J Barnes
Notes for Henry John (Child 5)

On the 1871 census it gives a year old child as Harry on later census it gives Henry
Census Notes for Jesse Frederick (Child 7)

1881 at home with parents

1891 at home with parents


1911 with Mary Johnson (Aunt)

at Hockwold near Brandon and was aged 35.
Misc. Notes

Birth reg in Dec Qrt 1875 Thingo 4A 504

Jesse was the informant on his mother's death in 1922 he down as living in Great Barton

DG Barnes widow was present & the Informant of death

Occupation Retired Roadman

He is buried with his parents at Holy Innocent Church
Notes for Jesse Frederick & Doris Gertrude (Family)

On Marriage Certificate it gives Jesse as a 61 widower & Doris 42 Spinster
Cause of death 1a Congestive heart failure, Auricular Fibrillation, Arteriosclerosos


Enlisted on 5 February 1906 at Bury St. Edmunds for
5 year 'Active Service' and 7 years in the Reserves

height (5 ft 4 ins) and his Chest Measurement (38 ins); Hair: Brown; Eyes: Brown; Complection:Fresh; and the 'Wounds, Scars, Marks, etc.: a Mole on his left forearm

Royal Naval Barracks in Devonport VIVID II 5 Feb 1906 until 17 July 1906 as a Stoker 2nd Class

He is then drafted to H.M.S. "PELORUS" (a 3rd Class Cruiser, which was probably quite old as she was sold in 1920 soon after WW1 ended !) He was promoted to 'Stoker 1st Class' on 1 May 1907, but stayed on the same ship until he went into R.N.B., Devonport again on 24 April 1909. On 7 Sept 1909 he was drafted to H.M.S. "CUMBERLAND" - this was an Armoured Cruiser' which was sold off in 1923. He stays on her until 14 Jan 1911 when he goes back to Barracks to prepare for his transfer to the Reserves as his time of 5 years was nearly up. His last day of 'Active Service' is 4 Feb 1911 is 'Discharged to Shore' on 5 Feb 1911. This is the meaning of
"Transferred to R.F.R. Devonport, B 3603, 5 Feb 1911" - the 2nd "R" has NOT shown up very well as the nib seems to have run dry - but R.F.R. = "Royal Fleet Reserve".
He has only been out on Reserve for 3. 5 years when he is recalled to 'Active Service' on 6 August 1914 - i.e. 2 days after WW1 broke out ! He goes back into Barracks that day and a month later is drafted to H.M.S. "AURORA" - a Light Cruiser, which was eventually sold off in 1927. He stayed on her until 4 Dec 1917 and the next day joins H.M.S. "CURLEW" - also a Light Cruiser, but I suspect a more modern ship as she lasted until 1940 when she was sunk off Norway.

He stays on her until 19 June 1919 when he was "demobbed" (demobilised) - I think back to the Royal Fleet Reserve

May 1916.Stoker Jesse Barnes of H.M.S.Aurora was home on leave with his mother at Brooklyn Cottages.

May 1917. Jesse Barnes was again on leave with his mother. He has spent years at sea.November 1917 Again Jesse was home on leave.
HMS Aurora
Built Devonport Dockyard, laid down October 1912, completed September 1914.
Aurora Leader 1st Destroyer Flotilla Grand Fleet.
1915 Leader 10th Destroyer flotilla Harwich Force.
June 1915 5th Light Cruiser Squadron Harwich Force.
August 1915 Took part in sinking of German raider Meteor.
1918 7th Light Cruiser Squadron Grand Fleet.
1927 Sold for scrap.

Census Notes for Amelia Ann (Child 8)

1901 Census Amelia was a laundry maid in the household of the Bishop of Lichfield Augustus Legge

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