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My Mum and Dad
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Friday, 11 June 2010

Pettitt/Poulter What is in a Name

When I first started to look for my mum's grandmother I course got my Nan's birth certificate which gave her name as formally Murkin so I got the marriage certificate of my Gt Grandparents James & Hannah & it showed that Hannah was a widow & her father was John Poulter.
I spent at least the next year trying to find a birth for a Hannah Poulter around 1857 which of course I never did.
On looking census I found the family so again started to look for a Marriage of a John Poulter to a Julia, by going back I found the answers so if i explain from the earlier time you may understand the name more.

Susan Pettit had a son John 1797 Kirtling Cambridge, she then married Jan 1802 a Samuel Poulter & they had a son James 1802 Bapt Oct 1802 all in Kirtling.
John married a Elizabeth Fisher 1819 & they had 5 children the eldest John Pettit born 1821 Kirtling This John (Jr) I found married Julia Jane Stigwood, & for quite a while I thought that John had either died or she left him & took up with a John Poulter.
But this John & Julia went by the name Pettitt (various spellings used could just be the way they said it or how they thought it was spelt) this is confirmed on census that they are Pettitt on census 1851 & 1861 & on the 1851 & 61 he a coal Carter, but on the 1871 census he now John Poulter Butcher
Once I had the info that Poulter was Pettitt I looked for a birth for a Hannah Pettitt & found it.
Some of their sons actually used the Pettitt name as a middle name so they were Pettitt Poulter & their son Samuel on his marriage put Samuel Pettitt Poulter & his father John is John Pettitt Poulter & no way do you use a previous husband name as your middle name that for sure lol
I have a theory which while I can not prove it seems the most likely & that Samuel Poulter was the father of John Sr & may be he was already married anyway Samuel & Susan married later & it was a condition of John Jr taking over his butchery business that he used the name Poulter or that it was know as that so he used it
It funny that another child of John & Julia went under the name Poulter but had the marriage & his daughter's certificate altered to note the change in name yet his wife had been dead a good 30 years so we come to the title of this post What is in a Name, Below is more details of John & Julia's children & then Hannah & her husband James Barnes

Name: John Pettit
Birth: 1821 Kirtling, Cambridgeshire
Baptism: 21 Apr 1821 Kirtling, Cambridgeshire
Death: 11 May 1889 Addenbrookes Hospital
Father: John Pettit (1797-)
Mother: Elizabeth Fisher (~1800-)
1: Julia Jane Stigwood
Birth: abt Oct 1825 Wood Ditton, Cambridgeshire
Death: 4 Feb 1903 Upend Kirtling Cambridgeshire
Father: James Stigwood (~1783-)
Mother: Mary Ann Brett (~1781-)
Marriage: 31 Oct 1844 Wood Ditton Cambridgeshire
Children: James (~1845-)
Susannah (~1847-)
Elizabeth (~1849-)
William (1851-1851)
Male (1851-1851)
William Walter (~1852-)
Thomas (~1854-)
Hannah (1857-1928)
Frederick (1859-)
Robert (~1863-
Charles (User-Defined 1) (~1865-1938
Samuel (~1867-)
Harry (~1870-)
Notes for John Pettit
John Sign the register as John Pettetit confirmed by a note with certificate.
John is know as either John Pettit or John Poulter from about 1871 Known as John Poulter
on son Samuel's marriage 1899 gives as John Pettit Poulter

Name: James Barnes
Birth: 16 Nov 1859 Bradfield St George, Suffolk
Baptism: 1 Apr 1860 Bradfield St George, Suffolk
Death: 17 Apr 1928 46 Marsden Street St Pancras Lnd
Occupation: Horsekeeper/Cab Driver/Cab Proprietor Horsekeeper
Father: James Barnes (1836-1902)
Mother: Harriet Turner (1834-1922)
Marriage: 10 Aug 1884 Parish St George, Bloomsbury, Middlesex
Spouse: Hannah Pettit
Birth: 2 May 1857 Upend Cheveley, Cambridgeshire

Baptism: 26 Jun 1870 Kirtling, Cambridge

Death: 24 Feb 1928 4 Kings Road Pancras London

Father: John Pettit (1821-1889)

Mother: Julia Jane Stigwood (~1825-1903)

Other Spouses: Henry Merkin
1 F: Elizabeth Murkin (Step)
Birth: 2 Qrt 1879 Dalham, Suffolk

Occupation: Housemaid


2 F: Annie Barnes

Birth: abt 1885 London, England


3 F: Alice Barnes

Birth: abt 1888 London, England

Death: 15 Jul 1939 2 Grove Rd Richmond Surrey

Spouse: Samuel John Dartnall

Marriage: 8 Feb 1909 The Register Office Pancras London


4 F: Ada Barnes

Birth: abt 1888 London, England

Spouse: Charles J Mackin

Marriage: 6 Dec 1910 Register Office St Pancras London


5 F: Julia Barnes

Birth: 1 Jun 1890 33 South Crescent Mews St Pancras London

Death: 12 Jan 1963 5 Gedeney Rd. Tottenham, London

Burial: 19 Jan 1963 Public Grave 7559 Tottenham London

Spouse: John McCarthy

Marriage: 23 Aug 1908 Holy Trinity Church, Grays Inn Rd London


6 M: James Barnes

Birth: abt 1893


7 M: John Barnes

Birth: 5 Apr 1896 28a South Crescent Mews Pancras London

Census Notes for James Barnes

1881: 6 Mayne Water Lane, Bury St Edmunds St Mary, Suffolk

Census Notes for Hannah Pettit

on 1901 census with family but Emma is the name on census living at 28a South Crescent Mews St Pancras London

Misc. Notes

Also used the surname of Poulter

Lived at 46 Marsden Street St Pancras

Notes for James & Hannah (Family)

Both give their residence as 10 Kenton Street

Witnesses Harry Sale & Alice Sale

Census Notes for Elizabeth (Child 1)

on 1901 census she is a Housemaid working for the Rt Hon WFD Smith & Lady E Smith she is under the names Barnes

Misc. Notes

On the 1891 census it gives Elizabeth as daughter of head, James Barnes their address is the same as where Julia was born. Known As a BARNES

Notes for Alice (Child 3)

Alice died at 2 Grove Rd Richmond Surrey, Informant SJ Dartnal Widower of deceased, living at 2 Gothic Cottages Castelnau Barnes, Alice died of

A)Chronice Interstitial B) Nephritis

Notes for Samuel John & Alice (Family)Samuel Was a bachelor & occup. Horsekeeper

Both were living at 49 Harrison Street

Witnesses were J McCarthy & May Mooney

Census Notes for Ada (Child 4)

1911 was living at 49 HARRISON STREET LONDON W C Husband not down on census

Notes for Charles J & Ada (Family)

both were residence at 49 Harrison St Pancras, Maud Wheeler & James Barnes were witnesses

Notes for John & Julia (Family)

John is a bachelor age 24 working as a packer living at 8 Chapel St

Julia is a spinster age 20 living at 49 Harrison St

Signed in the presence of Jane West Turner & Annie Barnes

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