My Mum and Dad

My Mum and Dad
Charladies Ball abt 1956/57

Sunday, 25 July 2010

More Family Photos

Here is some more photos I got of my family, the wedding one is of my sister Joyce's wedding it has my brother Bob (Robert) on the 2nd right, brother Ron (Ronald) back right by arch, Bridesmaid in front of bride is my sister Julia & the page boy next to other bridesmaid is my brother John, i can't put names to anymore of the faces from my side I know a few of the grooms side but that it
The next photo is of my brother John the pageboy how cute was he.
3rd photo is of my sister Julia shows what 10 years on from 1st can do lol the 4th is 30 years on from when she was a bridesmaid & the last one was with her late husband Robbie a great guy
Joyce's Wedding Christmas Day 1955

John abt 2-3 possible a little older
Julia abt 1965

Julia in Boston 1987

Julia & her husband Robbie as she put on the back of photo a couple of Beach Bums


Anonymous said...

You have made a mistake, Your brother is not second left or your brother Ron, (They are on the right of the photo) as shown

Anonymous said...

Further information regards to the wedding photo of your sister’s wedding. Just to the left of the grooms’ head between the brides maid of hounor is your Nanny Smith you can just pick her out. Other information is, your notice that there was just two members of your family who did not go the wedding One was you as you was just 1 year old at the time and the other was your brother who at ten years of age was made to stay at home to baby sit to look after you and the Grooms youngest brother who was also a baby at the time.