My Mum and Dad

My Mum and Dad
Charladies Ball abt 1956/57

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

A Little Late

I am a little late with this but was having trouble with my blogs & have now changed to Google Chrome which allows me to sign in to my blogs.

Anyway this is for my Dad Robert Alfred Smith who would have been a 100 on 28th January he passed away in 1988 so while he never reached the 100 I can still post this for him
Dad in the Army

Dad & Mum Christmas 1976

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Nicola said...

Those are lovely photos of your dad (I love the 1970s wallpaper too! I'm going to get my old photos out later to compare). Well done for persevering with the blog, imagine how amazed your dad would be by it all. I've only recently started blogging and I sometimes find the simplest looking tasks prove the most difficult, but the first time is the hardest - keep going.